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I am a writer and published author. Although I prefer to write for children, I have written stories and articles for both children and adults. Some of my stories and articles have appeared in such publications as
Highlights for Children, Oasis, and Challenge magazines.

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Selected Publishing Credits
I am the author of 10 books for children, as well as the co-author of another one. To see a list of my books, and read descriptions of each of them, click on the above link.
Several things by me and about me have been published on the Internet. Click on the above link to see a list of things you can read on the Web.
Everything you always wanted to know about me, but were afraid to ask, is available by clicking on the above link. Well, not really. Actually, I have provided a brief synopsis of my life, as it has been so far. There should be enough information should you ever have the need to write a report about me!
I have been blessed with a rather long list of publishing credits throughout the years. I won't bore you will all of them. But, if you click on the above link you can see a list of the ones that I think are the most important. My books are not included in this list, as they have already been mentioned.
Writer & Published Author
Crafts for Kids
This section contains crafts kids can make. These are crafts that weren't included in my craft books.
Stuff for Writers
This section is just for writers, or for those who want to be writers. I have provided links to other websites that cater to  writers. There are links for ezines, online classes, workshops, and much more.
I am the author of 10 books for kids, and the co-author of another one. Of course, those are only the books I've managed to get published. I have written many more books for children, as well as a romance novel, that haven't been published - yet!! Editors, are you reading this???!!!???

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